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We are a full funnel digital marketing company that helps serious companies exponentially grow their Revenue in less than 90 Days

Paragon is a  Full Funnel Digital Marketing Agency that looks at your brand through the lens of your business. Being remote makes us responsive to our clients 24/7.  We believe in data-driven, strategic solutions that bridge the marketing and sales gap to drive business growth. With an extensive team of specialists who are dedicated to providing unique insight into the challenges facing your business, we are passionate about executing campaigns that deliver real ROI for your organization.

Our Promise to You

We Get You Found

Whether you opt for organic (SEO) search strategies to be found or performance (SEM) campaigns that guarantee discovery. We make sure you’re found wherever people are looking for your type of business.

We Make them Consider You, again & again

We make sure they’re looking at you, always. We make it personal and keep reminding them of you. We build strategic campaigns that give them more reasons to consider you. A profitable lasting relationship with your target audience that lasts a lifetime.

We Guide them to Buy from you

We look at buyer and visitor behavior, grounding all necessary and relevant decisions in the data, to create an engaging  experience solution that effectively guides them to make to make the purchase decision.

We Help Keep the Customers you get

We consider your your relationship with your customers  and see where we can add value. Real value. Not just tech. We can plan and automate a retention strategythat re-engages customers to keep them choosing you.
Make them consider you, again and again
We consider your CRM needs and see where we can add value. Real value. Not just tech. We can plan and automate a retention strategy that re-engages customers to keep them choosing you.

Our Process | At A Glance

Research and Audit
Research is the crucial step that allows us to understand a brand’s specific needs and marketing requirements. It encompasses consumer insight and a proper understanding of industry dynamics, competitors, brand USPs (unique selling propositions), as well as the goals and objectives clients envision to achieve
Planning & Strategy
Planning comes next where we put our ideas together, organize process elements, and prepare a roadmap to implement everything in a smooth and seamless way. Our effective planning ensures better chances of success and makes greater accuracy possible.
Planning is crucial, but to have the ability to execute what you plan is even more crucial. At Paragon, we have dedicated individuals who specialize in their respective fields. Be it web designing, programming, search engine optimization, content marketing, social media management or any other aspect of digital marketing; we’ve a team that can handle your project in the most successful way possible.


We take care of our clients’ digital marketing so they don’t have to.
We grow companies through big ideas backed by analytics-driven marketing and technology strategies, making your brand authentic and relevant to more audiences in an increasingly digital world. The result is faster growth at a much lower cost.

Get the best results with professional services customized for your business’s goals and target market.



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THEY Trusted Us

Industries We Serve

At Paragon, we know your industry inside and out. Our experience across a variety of sectors gives us unique insight into what drives growth for your business, allowing us to deliver successful industry-specific strategies.

Don’t see your industry? That doesn’t mean there isn’t a customized plan for you. Complete the contact form at the bottom of the page to speak with a member of our team about how we can help you rise above the competition.




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We Select Who We Get Results For

Our agency was founded on the principals of ensuring our clients were receiving a positive ROI for their marketing spend.
Because of this, we’ve always held ourselves to the highest standards when it comes to driving results for our partners.

Because we’ve worked tirelessly to ensure that results are always at the forefront of our campaigns, our techniques and strategies are laser-focused on driving converting traffic to your site. Collaboration drives everything we do. Consider our team your team. Our reputation is built on a decade of successful partnerships and real, measurable results.

Together, we’ll design the digital strategy that sets grows your business. As an ROI focused Digital Marketing Agency in Ghana, we ensure we stand above all our competitions by executing top notch social media marketing and digital marketing strategies.

Here’s what sets us apart:

  • We focus on the entire marketing funnel. We help fill the top, drive the middle, and convert the bottom
  • We solve Revenue Goals and don’t just report on Vanity Metrics
  • We are results oriented. If your marketing hasn’t previously worked,  speak with us. All we focus on are the results.
  • We are 100% visible in our activities and our reporting to our clients.( Your dashboard is yours)
  • We believe that our clients want to trust us and we work on building that trust every day

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