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We work with auto dealers, showrooms and garages, car rentals services and repairs to  maximize ROI for online marketing of their inventory by leveraging our extensive knowledge of the auto industry to create solutions that drive results for some of the most competitive, sales-driven businesses out there.

We leverage the best strategies to generates for our automotive clients, these strategies includes

Search Engine Optimization​

Buying a car isn’t an impulse decision. Most people conduct a fair share of research before making a purchase.

With the right approach, you can position your brand as the “go-to” resource for the countless questions from prospects.

This works only if users can find you when typing those questions into Google or Bing search engines. To increase the chances of ranking well for certain keywords, you’ll need to invest in search engine optimization (SEO).

Publishing great content and securing high-quality links from other sites are the two primary pillars of this strategy.

The bad news is that SEO takes time. Whether you do it yourself or hire an automotive marketing agency, you won’t see measurable results right away. The good news is that SEO is unobtrusive.

You’re not reaching out to prospects; they’re reaching out to you through organic searches. This makes “selling” much easier.

Pay Per Click Advertising​

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising shares many parallels with traditional marketing in that you show “ads” on different properties. But there are some crucial differences that make PPC a far more effective strategy:

  • As the name suggests, you pay only if someone clicks on your ad. This is in sharp contrast to radio commercials where you pay a set price — whether folks are listening or not.
  • PPC allows you to try countless iterations of the same offer — meaning you can A/B test messaging over time, and make the requisite adjustments.

The downside is that successful PPC campaigns require constant attention. Thus, you may be better off outsourcing this project to an automotive marketing company that specializes in digital advertising.

Dedicated Car Landing Pages

When potential customers click on a paid search text or display ad, we’ll direct them to a custom landing page featuring real-time inventory, specs, and imagery to drive conversions.


The content marketing team is highly trained in SEO best practices, and each page is built to drive traffic to the Search Results Page or Vehicle Display Page, or a custom leads form. Landing pages are created for customers that are closer to purchase, providing a place for them to research vehicles on the dealership site and easily funnel them down the correct path to a purchase


Each landing page is custom written, researched and optimized by a person to avoid any duplicate content or incorrect data. We don’t believe in automation when creating pages meant for very human eyes.


Dedicated car landing page

Automotive Remarketing Ads​

Ensure you stay top of mind with potential customers through social media and remarketing ads. If users leave your site without converting, we can use remarketing ads to remind users of your brand and direct them back to the site.

As you know, most customers do not convert into buyers right away and tend to shop around before making their final decision to purchase a vehicle. Retargeting ads regain their interest to return to the car’s landing page which helps to increase the opportunity to turn then from a window shopper into a paying customer.

When you set-up a campaign to retarget website visitors or consumers who walked into your showroom, you will need to use data to reconnect with these people. There are several methods to setting up remarketing campaigns, you’ll just need to choose which source you want to target through.

We can Target Audience From These Data Remarketing Sources:

  • Website Traffic (visited a page or viewed a specific vehicle model)
  • Customer Data File (email, address or phone number)
  • Mobile App Activity
  • Offline Contact (showroom leads)
  • Social Media Interaction