How to Generate Leads with Organic SEO and Google Search without Spending Money

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The business world is tough. It is not as easy as what others might think. It also takes time, effort, and dedication to growing your business. With this, you must use an effective marketing tool that can boost your business’ success.

In today’s digital generation, only the most competent business remains at the top of the industry. With this, you must decide on how to grow your business in the best possible way. Fortunately, you can now boost your brand recognition with organic SEO and Google Search without spending much of your money.

SEO marketing is a powerful tool that can help for your business needs. Using this marketing technique allows you to attract the attention of your target market. As a result, you can gain more leads that will buy your products and services.

One of the main reasons you must choose SEO and Google Search is that it helps you increase your social media presence. Social media is already a big part in the daily lives of millions of people all over the world. Well, with the use of SEO and Google Search, you can connect with your potential customers through different social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and more.

For instance, you can do cross promotion. There is perhaps a field ‘Website’ for your social network profile. The majority of people enter their site. Make sense, right? However, you could do better. You can utilize that field to connect to your other social profiles as another form of cross-promotion.

You see, Pinterest enables you to connect to Twitter and Facebook. LinkedIn enables you to include your Twitter account, while Facebook enables you to add numerous website fields. For the social networks, which offer you a single ‘website’ field, you can mix it up. You must state an existing promo or landing page, or perhaps a new downloadable guide. Make sure you update and change it around over time.

You can also boost your social media presence by asking friendlies for recommendations, endorsements, and reviews. This includes your current clients, past clients, family, and friends. This will help, so others know you have succeeded. You see, readers trust that more than advertisements.

However, bear in mind that you won’t acquire all these up on your profiles within an hour. This is all about requesting. To do this, here are some ways:

  • Utilize the endorsement section of LinkedIn. Individuals can click to market your skills.
  • For Facebook pages, you can utilize their visitor post area so individuals can highlight the good work you have done.
  • For Twitter, you can pin positive tweets to the top of the stream. Doing this will enable you to control what visitors view when they come first.

Tips to Increase the Sales of your Business

Below are some principles, which will guide you, know your audience, catch their attention and convert them to supporters of your company.

  • Be literate and flexible

Your lead generation technique should be as dynamic because of the individuals you are targeting. Opinion morph, behaviors shift, and trends change, thus should your lead generation marketing. You can utilize A/B split testing to determine what CTAs do best that landing pages convert better and to which copy catches your target audience. You must experiment along with advertising channels, content, UX, design, and layout changes until you discover which works.

  • Leverage social media

Did you know that the more engaging content you make, the more places you could share it? That will lead to you having more visits to your website. Do not underestimate the power of social media. If you take the time to make engaging content, you should not stop there. If you share it across different social media platforms, it boosts the chance that those links are engaged and it will carry interested readers back to your site.

Consider every social media network as its own search engine. Make sure you also optimize your social media posts along with #hashtags to bring in more retweets, clicks, and views.

  • Add video to your blog and website

Video has been a vital element of SEO since 2007 when Google proclaimed “universal search.” Still, video is an underestimated element of search marketing these days. In fact, one research says that website, which integrates video are 53X more likely to rank on Google’s first pages of search results.

To do this, you can just copy and paste the URL of the video into your blog post editor. It’s important that you login first to your WordPress dashboard and make a new editor post a current home. After you’re on the post editor screen, you need to ensure the “Visual” tab on the top right is chosen.

After that, find the video you wish to embed and copy the URL from the address bar. Once you do that, the video will show in your post editor screen instantly. Click the word “Publish,” and the video will be included in your post.

  • Make convincing conversion points

You must also consider the experience where you have gone into a physical store to search for something. When a client service rep approaches you, you will normally respond with, “No, thanks, I am only browsing.” You see, that’s how most of your website visitor feels when the conversion point you have on your site is a request for a demo or a contact form.

Imagine now that you’re reading a useful blog post, which is outlining how to make your marketing budget. Once you go to the end of the post, you notice a button, which prompts you to download a free budget template. That solves your immediate concerns, and it will help you what you wanted.

It’s important that you also take some time drilling to Google Analytics’ User Flow tool. Make sure you look at which page readers are picking to go to next and which pages are causing them to leave your website. That might help you map out a typical user flow throughout your site, ensuring you have a clear image of where the readers are heading.

Take note, all searchers have numerous needs and be at various places in their research stage. It’s vital that your site provides a wide array of opportunities for them to “opt-in” to what your service has to provide.

  • Identify your personas

Before writing a content or before redesigning your new site, you must first make your buyer personas. Doing this will enable you to determine who your content is going to reach. Generally, determine the perfect client. You will affect your organic rankings by making quality content, which mirrors along with your target audience.

Bear in mind, search, and keywords get you so far. However, making keyword-driven content without practical details isn’t an efficient way of producing new online leads. A few samples of questions you’ll wish to answer when making your client profile are the following:

  1. What are their buying traits? What are their data sources?
  2. What are the major issues they’re trying to fix, pain points, and what answers do they want to capture?
  3. Where do they hang out online? What type of searches do they perform?
  4. Characteristics (these include behavior, psychographics, and demographics, etc.)

Once you understand WHOM you’re trying to reach, you can start to determine how to make content, which will reverberate with and help your potentials.

  • Perform keyword research

Organic traffic depends on your capability to know what search words and phrases your prospects, and clients are utilizing to manage the search engines. In short, conducting keyword research is vital to your audience so they can discover you online. You must understand the relevant keywords and phrases for your business, together with the competition for such keywords across the internet. Once you integrate keywords in both the content and site you make, your website will become more search easily.

One crucial factor to the success of SEO and boosting website traffic boils down to performing homework to determine the greatest value of keyword searches as well as the lowest level of difficulty. You can utilize SEM Rush, Google Search Console, or Google’s Keyword Planning Tool to understand what your site is ranking for and to explore new opportunities.

Then, you can organize a strategic content creation technique to boost your organic rankings. In short, begin with a low hanging fruit. That’s where your site is the highest matches along with the highest number of monthly search.

You must also spend your time plowing through your site analytics. This will allow you to know where organic visitors are landing on your site regularly. Plowing down to this information will provide you excellent insights about what Google values on your site.

Take note that the purpose of search engines nowadays is to provide relevant, meaning search results, which answer the questions of your customers and prospects. Do not waste your time making content, which serves your company. Boosting your organic leads and site traffic will not happen overnight. However, if you employ these tips, stay persistent and make data-driven decisions, you could affect results.

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