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Fcebook Ads in ghana

Scale your Facebook ads campaigns without wasting money

Facebook ads play a key role in many businesses’ digital marketing strategy. With a well-structured campaign, you can see promising results for a range of goals relating to brand awareness, engagement, web traffic and sales. If you’ve had initial success, you might be keen to scale your campaigns by increasing their complexity and adding to

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Digital Marketing Glossary

A Ad Servers Isn’t it nice to have someone who does the job for you? Yes, it is, and that’s why ad servers exist! Ad servers are automated servers that help you request, bid on, and place your ads on websites, as well as monitor the progress of each campaign. For advertisers handling billions of

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education marketin agency in Ghana

Education Marketing Strategies For Institutions in Ghana and Africa

The downturn in undergraduate student enrollment at universities is putting pressure on university leaders to deliver. Innovative Schools are focusing on streamlining and improving their schools digital marketing strategy to make sure their marketing budget are well spent. If you are an university leader looking to improve your program, these new education marketing strategies are

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How Much Money Are You Leaving on the Table?

Our blog “” used to rank No.1 for the keyword “how to invest in Ghana” with monthly organic traffic close to 1k. This has brought in over 60k visitors to the blog since it was posted. Over 32k readers of this short article have filled the inquiry form for more details. Imagine this, if I

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